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Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy/ Psychotherapy

Online education course

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Become a Competent Clinical Hypnotherapist.

158 Lessons - 34hrs

A group of happy group of student graduates

The comprehensive Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Psychotherapy online education course is 34+ hours and155 lessons encompassing the Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy, the Certificate of Personality Integration Psychotherapy and the Hypnotherapy Treatments Component. This fantastic course contains multiple manuals and therapy scripting.

This training is aimed at those wanting a career as a fully qualified competent Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist, able to confidently work with all facets of client problems ranging from Stop Smoking, Stop Alcohol, Stop Gambling etc, right through to more complex issues such as Trauma and PTSD.

The Online Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy  – Psychotherapy is a superb and challenging voyage in both expert and individual change.

All knowledge imparted to our students comes from many years of development and use in everyday practice in our own hypnotherapy clinics. The knowledge you will gain comes from our own experience in building our successful clinical hypnotherapy practices. Thus enabling you to start-up and build your own successful effective and ethical hypnotherapy business.

This course is a mixture of traditional hypnosis methods, clinical hypnotherapy, combined with our own techniques that are intended to carry profound individual understanding and change to the students learning them.

These well-developed clinical, holistic, client-centered techniques allow our practitioners to develop a treatment plan to resolve otherwise difficult client problems.

Learn at your own pace with full Video Lectures and Demonstrations

Our graduates are trained to assist their clients through a client centred approach designed to empower and build self-confidence.

Using the techniques taught in this training, positive client outcomes can be achieved in a relatively short duration of appointments, rather than poorly trained therapists leaving them unresolved using ineffectual techniques which quite frankly often sees the client seeking another therapist.

After all, a great part of what builds and sustains a therapy business is referrals and these are gained by the reputation of the therapist.

You will learn how to be of effective service to your clients, helping them to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationships, along with stop smoking, weight loss, gambling, and alcohol.

As part of the diploma, you will be trained in Personality Integration Psychotherapy (PIP). The Hypnotherapy Learning Hub includes this cutting edge level of training in the Diploma and views the skillset of (PIP) as mandatory to psychotherapeutic success, whereas other training institutions only offer something similar at additional cost in the form of advanced or graduate Diploma. This gives our student graduates a huge advantage in the treatment they can offer to clients in their clinical practices.

Personality Integration Psychotherapy (PIP) gives hypnotherapists the most direct access to the part of the personality that is experiencing the presenting issue and provides effective intervention methods in order to resolve them efficiently.

PIP is a holistic hypnotherapeutic technique used for inner conflict resolution and helps clients succeed even when other hypnotic techniques have failed. It empowers the client when the resolution for the problem comes from the client instead of the therapist. The PIP process is suitable to help treat all problems including, habits, fears, phobias, trauma etc. PIP addresses the client’s issues in the most direct manner, with results being incredibly fast, effective, efficient and permanent. PIP is extremely useful in resolving complex trauma issues including PTSD.

Developed for Accelerated Learning, Maximum Knowledge

The Hypnotherapy Learning Hub, Online Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Psychotherapy, far exceeds many other Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy being offered online. Why is this you may ask? We simply believe that in order for you to succeed at becoming self-employed in the hypnotherapy profession you must be equipped to deal with all eventualities.

During the Hypnotherapy Treatments module you will learn the techniques to help your clients Lose weight (using the hypnotic gastric band method), Stop Smoking (both cigarettes or cannabis), Stop Alcohol, Stop Gambling, Self Confidence and Self Esteem issues, Fears – Phobias – Anxiety, Sleep issues, Stop Nail Biting. This module is supported with a manual and detailed scripting to get you started in treating clients issues.

There are also the monthly online Zoom mentoring group so that we can answer any questions you may have. This type of supervision benefits all involved as a question you may have missed will be asked by another participant. 

We also have a private student community group on Facebook to ask questions in between mentoring sessions.

As an alternative to the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Psychotherapy You also may want to take a look at the Advanced Diploma which has everything contained in the above Diploma plus Past Life Regression and Between Life Regression.

As a standalone course the Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Psychotherapy has 191 lessons spanning almost 60 hours. This course encompasses the Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certificate of Personality Integration Psychotherapy, Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Psychotherapy, Certificate of Past Life Regression and Certificate of Soul Regression therapy. This is a one of a kind qualification and we believe that possibly there has never been such a well rounded Online Education Training in Clinical Hypnotherapy offered.

Topics covered in this online Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy - Psychotherapy

These modules and topics have all been filmed during our live training courses run in various cities within Australia. The live training has been edited for online continuity purposes.

Component 1:

Pre Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy Introduction
  • Definitions of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Brief History of Hypnosis
  • How the mind works
  • Hypnosis and mind cycles
  • About trance induction
  • The Basic Elements of Trance Induction
  • Rapid Inductions
  • How Rapid Inductions Work
  • Learning Hypnotic Inductions
  • The Conscious Unconscious Subconscious
  • The Brain and the Mind
  • The Mind body connection
  • Hypnotic inductions
  • Hypnotic convincers
  • Avoiding and handling resistance
  • Physical changes experienced during hypnosis
  • Hypnotherapy is magic
  • Your hypnotic voice
  • Eye focused induction things to remember
  • Theta Brain wave sound
  • Ideo Motor Response
  • Ideo Motor Questioning
  • Scripts and Hypnotic Communications
  • How to write Scripts
  • Important points for script writing
  • The four attitudes to change
  • What are the alleged dangers
  • Parallel Awareness – Dissociation
  • Office-Clinic Environment
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Session Plan
  • Dealing with Clients Skepticism
  • Starting a Hypnotherapy Practice

Component 2:

Certificate of Personality Integration Psychotherapy

  • Introduction and overview,
  • Understand the concept of Personality Integration Psychotherapy,
  • History and variations of Personality Integration Psychotherapy,
  • Goals of PIP,
  • Nature of Personality States,
  • Understand when PIP is appropriate to use as therapy,
  • How to overcome client blocks,
  • Utilize hypnotic techniques,
  • Understand and set up ideomotor responding and psychodynamics,
  • Emotional bridging and clinical hypnotic regression,
  • The PIP session,
  • Personality negotiation and integration,
  • PIP session conclusion,
  • How to use PIP to become a better hypnotherapist,
  • Includes Demonstrations of therapy,

Component 3:

Clinical Hypnotherapy Treatments Module Which includes:

  • Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking cigarettes and cannabis (up to 3 session program.
  • Weight Loss Program (4 session hypnotic gastric band)
  • Hypnotherapy to Stop Alcohol.
  • Hypnotherapy to Stop Gambling.
  • Hypnotherapy for Self Confidence and Self Esteem.
  • Hypnotherapy for Fears, Phobias, Anxiety.
  • Hypnotherapy for Sleep or Insomnia.
  • Hypnotherapy for Stop Nail Biting

Begin Your new career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist - Psychotherapist

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