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Overcome Procrastination

Overcome Procrastination with Hypnosis

During this Three-Part-Video and Audio Hypno-Treatment Program Lorna Jackson, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, will explain how hypnotherapy can be very useful in helping to change procrastination. She explains how fears, blocks, and procrastination will eat up the moments, hours, and days of your life. In the end, you may have a pile of dusty hopes, “might have been’s”, and “wish I had’s”. Im sure you don’t want your life to end up that way. Many people constantly stop themselves from creating what they really care about, and that’s so sad. Because the world needs us to create beauty, love, new possibilities, and wonder. There isn’t anything wrong, it’s just that your primitive brain is trying to keep you safe. It’s worried about a saber tooth tiger, or being trampled by mammoths. But I haven’t seen a saber tooth tiger or a mammoth in months!

Your primitive brain is well intentioned and a bit overzealous and this program teaches your primitive brain that it’s safe to move forward with ease and confidence. The videos will help you to understand what procrastination is, and you will learn the difference between the conscious and subconscious minds. When it comes to motivation and drive, it all comes from the subconscious mind. Which means, if you want to get properly motivated to do something, you need to engage the subconscious mind. And that’s why this hypnosis program is so good for tackling procrastination. The Overcome Procrastination Hypno-Treatment audio recording is designed to turn that conscious knowledge into powerful subconscious drive.

Once you have purchased this program you will have unlimited access. You can watch the videos and listen to the treatment recording as often as you like. The subconscious mind learns through routine and repetition, and for this reason we recommend listening to the recording every night when you are in bed and ready to sleep, for at least 28 days or more. The Hypno-Treatment audio is accompanied by a frequency sound, so you can have a deeper focus on the sound of Lornas voice.

If you decide to buy Overcome Procrastination with Hypnosis now and be the true director of your life. You can listen on your computer or other device when you have completed your purchase.

The audio from the hypnotherapy treatment portion is downloadable so you can take it with you and listen to it any time you choose.

About Lorna Jackson

Lorna Jackson is a Clinical hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Trainer and Author. 
She is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia where Lorna and her husband John run a successful Clinical Hypnotherapy practice and Training Business. Lorna has been in private practice since 2004, She sees clients at her clinic on the Gold Coast, Australia and my Interstate and International clients are treated online via Zoom.

For personalised hypnotherapy sessions you can contact Lorna Jackson via her website contact: 

This program and is suitable for people wanting to overcome procrastination via the use of hypnotherapy in the privacy of their own environment. The video treatment program session is not designed or intended as an alternative to any treatment plan you may have in place under your medical practitioner.

Overcome Procrastination


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