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Optional Academic Record

Academic Record

The Academic Record is a record of your course study on the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub. Each Course on the Hub has its own Academic Record and requirements.

The Academic Record and its requirements is in addition to your video course hours. Though the video course forms a part of the total hours of your Academic Record

It is an optional standalone component of each course and is included in all courses at no extra cost. Its up to you depending on what you want to do once you have graduated your course.

Completing the additional hours of study involved in receiving an Academic Record could enable you to meet the necessary requirements for memberships with some Associations, Institutes etc, also insurance (if covered in your location).

Membership requirements of each will vary. Some associations allow a person to join as a student member while others may admit someone as a practitioner. What each association or institute in each country requires is up to them and beyond the control of the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub.

Upon completion of the Academic Record course component, you can join the International Association of Therapists as all of the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub’s Courses are Accredited by them as long as you have completed the Academic Record requirements.

The extra requirements to obtain an Academic Record are.

1. Exam Quizzes

There are quizzes at the end of each course with the exception of the Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy which has quizzes spread throughout its pre-course module.

2. Review all Demonstration Videos

Each Course has extensive demonstration videos so you can learn by watching actual sessions. We ask for you to watch these a second time in order to observe the finer points.

3. Review Course Manuals and Scripting

Each course has accompanying manuals and scripting. We ask that these be read through several times to become thoroughly familiar with the subject matter.

4. Required Reading Hours

We have required reading (book) for each of the courses.  This will further deepen your understanding of the subject matter.

5. Practice Sessions Hours

 It goes without saying that practice makes perfect. Practising will further increase your proficiency. 

6. Reflect on and improve own professional practice

Constant reflection on, and review of, your client sessions, building your business, phone conversations etc are vitally important if you want to improve and grow your practise.

7. Mentoring Hours

1:1 Mentoring or group mentoring is another vitally important part of becoming a proficient therapist.

8. Social Media Interaction

In the modern age of the internet social media has become an all important part of your business being seen. It also helps to meet and message other students, to read what others are doing and about the sessions they have facilitated. The Hypnotherapy Learning Hub has an active private student community group on Facebook.

Once you have completed the extra hours required for your course you will then be issued your Academic Record Certificate.

Further information on the Academic Record component is available upon enrolment.