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Why Learn Online

Why Learn Hypnosis Online

There are many who would argue that you can’t learn hypnosis by watching an online course.

So why learn hypnosis from an online video course.

Do you know there are many old school hypnotists practicing today who learnt the art by reading books and then by practicing what they had read until they became competent in their work. 

Today we have the advantage of streaming platforms such the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub with the ability to broadcast video course lessons on demand. Through this medium you can watch and learn just like being in the classroom. What’s great about this is there is no classroom distractions to worry about and what you missed is just a simple rewind away. Even better is you don’t have worry about travel, or being away from home and family.

All of the video lessons on the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub were recorded during our live classroom training courses, so you are getting exactly what the students who attended these courses received, except you are only paying a fraction of the cost of live hypnotherapy training. 

We understand that as a person with interest in becoming a practicing hypnotherapist you may have spent hours in researching the numerous trainers in order to pick out the best training course for yourself.

In doing your research you have probably faced many varying marketing techniques designed to bewilder the fresh hypnotherapy student. These confusing marketing techniques often lead you the student to believe that if you pay a large fee this will guarantee the best training and future success. We hate to say this, but this is completely wrong.

As it stands in Australia and in many places around the world a person can read a book on the subject practice their technique on a few people then design and print their own Diploma and hang it on the wall, voila you are now a hypnotherapist. Next download some hypnosis scripts, advertise your business and wait for the first client (who by the way knows no better) to give you a call. After you have conducted the hypnotherapy session either your clients problem has gone away or it hasn’t, either way you have been paid.

Sounds simple and it is. But think what you could do with an extra bit of knowledge. Not the kind of waffle or puffery filled nonsense that persists in this industry but proven everyday real knowledge that will help you build a business and that will result in clients referring their family friends and acquaintances to you for years to come.

We’ve been around in this profession for nearly two decades and what we are saying here will make some colleagues angry. But it needs to be said that this profession has become a parasitic profession that is being plundered by marketers that don’t give a damn about your success, only the money that flows to their bank accounts.

These professional hypnotherapy parasites are relatively easy to spot, usually offering multi-level training, the goal of which is to indenture you to their system. Along with the multi-level training courses are the retreat style training courses designed to lure the unsuspecting student lacking confidence into spending the best part of $10,000 or more for luxury surroundings and an opportunity to be taught by well-meaning but ill-equipped trainers with little to no therapy or hypnosis skill.

Their goal is to further upsell you into a system designed to indenture you yet further into paying ongoing fees for so called hypnotherapy brands.

Before we go deeper into this and why you should learn hypnotherapy online, let us say that there are many fantastic well-equipped educators in the hypnotherapy profession. We don’t intend to put them under a spotlight. All we intend to do is to enlighten you the prospective student as to what is actually going on in the hypnotherapy profession today.

We developed the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub because we believe “the traditional Hypnotherapy training model is broken,” What is needed is openness and transparency, you don’t need to know all the flowery terms and associated waffle that abounds in the hypnotherapy profession to begin with. If you are going to make a career out of hypnotherapy you have years ahead to learn everything there is. In the meantime what you need to know is how to conduct good solid hypnotherapy sessions that result in success for your client.

If you decide to study here on the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub and once you have completed your training with us, then you can begin to practice and adapt further technical training with ease. Hopefully by that time you have enough self confidence, and developed your own good radar to filter out the waiting doubt casters that make a living preying on the unwary lay hypnotists who lack self confidence.

We have witnessed many so-called hypnotherapists who have travelled (and still do), all around the world, attending all the conferences, all the training, and still do nothing with it. Why? Well from our observation it’s because they simply just lack the confidence to start seeing clients, this often goes back to the initial foundational training delivered by ineffectual trainers with little or no professional hypnotherapy background.

Do yourself a big favour and join some hypnotherapy groups on Facebook and read some of the requests from these poorly trained hypnotherapists asking their fellow colleagues for help, scripts, or how to get a client into deep levels of relaxation. These are basic things that should be covered in Certificate or Diploma level courses. To us graduating from a hypnotherapy course, not knowing the basics, is absolutely an indicator that something is terribly wrong in the profession today. 

With the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub you can begin with the Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy. This foundational certificate training will take you from a beginner to a basic proficiency level. Of course you need to practice what you learn during the course without practice you are not going to get anywhere.

As a profession hypnotherapy is entrepreneurial in nature. you have to be prepared to work hard and invest your time and finances to get going. By investing finances we don’t mean borrowing money to rush out and buy expensive sound equipment or rent expensive offices to get started. We mean investing in advertising and promotion to get your business out there, so it can be seen by the people who are looking for a professional Hypnotherapist.

Our Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is designed to help you achieve that professional status and in order to do that you have to have a good foundation in therapy. Our Diploma training has our signature Personality Integration Process included. This cutting-edge therapy gets to the bottom of most clients issues.

What makes a standout hypnotherapist is one who knows they can keep helping a person who needs to do multiple sessions to obtain a resolution. Many ill-equipped therapists just keep repeating the same tired script each time their client returns. These therapists don’t know any better, it’s just the way they were trained in the first place and usually the client is none the wiser.

The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy also covers many of the issues that clients seek out a hypnotherapist for, issues such as stop smoking, stop gambling, stop alcohol, stress, anxiety, weight loss etc. We provide extensive manuals and scripting to help you in providing service to your clients and you also have the benefit of detailed video demonstrations to see how it all comes together.

Our Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is for those that want to round out their practice on a transpersonal level. Many clients are open to, or seek out Past life Regression, looking for answers to life problems. Also Between Life Regression for clients seeking to connect with their true immortal souls essence.

We believe that our Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy is truly one of a kind that’s being offered as an online hypnosis video course in the world today.

Your career as a hypnotherapist needs the best possible start. You don’t build a house by putting the roof on first, you need a strong foundation. So take your time, explore all your options, and if you do decide to join one of our online hypnotherapy video courses then we look forward to seeing you on the Hypnotherapy Learning Hub, and maybe even meeting you in one of our free online zoom group supervision sessions.