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Conduct successful online hypnotherapy sessions

How To Conduct Successful Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

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Accelerate your Career by Offering
Online Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions .

3 Lessons

Are you a hypnotherapist thinking of taking your hypnotherapy business online or perhaps you have already done a few sessions, but you are unsure about the process of facilitating online sessions of hypnotherapy. Look no further because this course is the ultimate resource for you.

As we all know too well the world is rapidly changing, the internet has evolved, and people are more open to online therapy these days. It is possible to facilitate successful hypnotherapy sessions with your clients online.

Developed for Accelerated Learning, Maximum Knowledge

In this course your trainer Lorna Jackson explains how you can gain maximum results to grow your confidence, business and presence as a competent professional online hypnotherapist. She will show you the advantages of taking your hypnotherapy business to online hypnosis sessions

This course contains three prerecorded video modules and a downloadable manual that has been designed to show you step by step in an easy-to-understand way how to effectively use online platforms such as Zoom to conduct your hypnotherapy sessions.

About Your Trainer

Lorna’s private practice spanned 20-years as a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her clinics were based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast Australia. In 2023 Lorna retired and relocated to live in Thailand and now only facilitates international online appointments via Zoom.

Worldwide Clients.

Over the years, many of Lorna’s client sessions have been online, beginning first on Skype and now transistioned to Zoom and this led her to develop an effective clinical program that makes the process of online therapy seamless.  Because of Lorna’s expansive experience in this unique area of hypnotherapy she has created this course to share her knowledge with other therapists (beginners or otherwise) to help them to grow their business online as she has.

Topics covered in How To Conduct Successful Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Module One

  • The advantages of taking your hypnotherapy practice to see online clients.

  • The prerequisites for setting up online sessions
  • The setup for the hypnotherapist

  • How to set up Zoom

  • How to collect payment

  • Set up the initial consultation with a potential client

  • Explain the clients set up for best results

Module Two

  • How to facilitate online hypnosis sessions

  • How to facilitate the client pretalk

  • Explain how to successfully hypnotise the client online

  • Discuss the hypnotic inductions to use for successful hypnosis

  • How to create a business plan

  • How to grow your online hypnotherapy business

Module Three

  • This module contains videos of Lorna conducting hypnotic inductions with her clients on Zoom

  • Lorna shows you step by step how to hypnotise your client online and provide evidence to the client that they are hypnotised

  • Provides a manual that includes the hypnosis inductions used and recommend using for online hypnotherapy

  • Provides an Intake form to send to the client before the session

  • Provides Two email templates to send out to the client before the session

Study at your own pace, 24/7, in the comfort of your own surroundings. Enhance your therapy skills now and join the ranks of our prestigious, IAOTH-accredited graduates!

All online training is available 24/7, study when and where you want, in the comfort of your own surroundings. We also have a range of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual hypnotherapy courses available

Begin To Conduct Successful Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

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